Scottish Landscapes

The previous 2 photography entries have focussed on some of the magnificent wildlife of Moray and the Northern Scottish area. During our recent visit, I also had the chance to appreciate some of the stunning scenery and architecture in this beautiful area, starting with this shot taken early one morning in the fishing village of Findhorn, hand-held due to me forgetting my tripod….

With a meteor shower I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some shots wih the very charismatic Duffus Castle in the foreground. Another intrepid (or foolish) photographer was also there at 0500 and we were rewarded with some good backdrops and light.

This shot was taken using a tripod, 30s exposure time and a remote shutter release to keep the vibrations at bay. The shot below was taken with the same settings but I lit the castle walls by running up the slope, keeping moving all the time and shining my Iphone on the castle walls using the IOS 7 torch facility – turned out ok!

Passing Elgin cathedral at sunset gave me a chance to grab a few shots before the light faded and the warm light doesn't really give much feel for how cold it was!

Just before you reach the Glenfiddich distillery you come to the Speyside Cooperage, where it's possible to photograph the Coopers, practicing their skill in a way largely unchanged for over a hundred years. Unfortunately there is a glass screen (health and safety) so it took a while to dodge reflections and clear away smudge marks!

And finally, an evening opportunity to capture the extremely pretty Craigallachie Bridge on a still winter's evening. Tripod essential, with an exposure of 8 seconds to bring out the details in the ironwork. All in all, a great chance to capture some brilliant non-wildlife aspects of this great part of the world.



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