Catalina Visit

A special treat for us today at RAF Lossiemouth – we were visited by the only airworthy Catalina in the UK, taking part in a flight to commemorate the 100th anniversary of a round-Britain amphibian challenge. Details are here

Pilot Jeff Boyling is hoping that recreating the flight will inspire young people to be interested in aviation and the aircraft will be displaying right around the UK. I was lucky enough to have a look inside the aircraft and was impressed with the luxury at the back in the bubbles, where there is a 'window seat' arrangement that allows passengers to lie or sit in complete comfort whilst taking in a stunning view of the world going past.

The view looking forward from the Catalina's bubble

Jeff and the aircraft were on the ground for about an hour and as they are fundraising for the RAF Benevolent fund, they took time out to pose for pictures, show Station personnel around the aircraft and sign posters – all in return for a small donation of course!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the cockpit for a look around. The instruments have been upgraded to allow the aircraft to fly in all weathers by day and by night and it has been kitted out with modern navigation equipment too but the feel and smell of yesteryear was definitely still there!


Geoff also very kindly took time out to lay a wreath at the Station memorial for our aircrew who were killed in a mid-air collision last year and it was a poignant moment for us both.

All too quickly, it was time for the aircraft to leave – on its way to Cromarty then on to Oban. More details and images are available on the RAF Lossiemouth Facebook page if you're interested!




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